Jokes and Novelties

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Alien Necklace

Alien Necklace, Assorted, Flashing, on Display Card..


Bubble Gun

Bubble Gun, Light Up, Includes Bubble Pot and Batteries, in Display Pack..


Bunny Ears

Bunny Ears, Blue, Marabou, with Multi Colour LED, on Display Card..


Fart Putty

Fart Putty, Assorted Colours, Turd in a Toilet, 12, in Display Box..


Flashing Marabou Stick

Flashing Marabou Stick, White, 48cm / 19in, on Display Card..


Flashing Mouth Piece

Flashing Mouth Piece, Multi-Coloured, with 4 Coloured LEDs..


Futuristic Sabre Sword

Futuristic Sabre Sword, Multi-Coloured, Multi-function, 86cm / 34in, on Display Card..


Jumping Putty in an Egg

Jumping Putty in an Egg, Assorted Colours, 24, in Display Box..


Light Stick Bracelet

Light Stick Bracelet, Assorted Colours, 40cm / 16in, in Display Pack..


Light Stick Necklace

Light Stick Necklace, Assorted Colours, 46cm / 18in, in Display Pack..


Light Up Batons, 49cm / 19in

Light Up Batons, 49cm / 19in, Assorted Colours, 24, in Display Box..


Light up Sunglasses

Light up Sunglasses, Black, Flashing LED Lights on Each Side, in Display Pack..


Magic Neon Spring

Magic Neon Spring, Multi-Coloured, Small and Round, 24, in Display Box..