Adult Fancy Dress Costumes

Adult Fancy Dress Costumes
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'60s Peace Sign Hippie Medallion

'60s Peace Sign Hippie Medallion, Silver, with 44cm Chain, in Display Pack..


'60s Psychedelic Wig

'60s Psychedelic Wig, Black, Short Bob, in Display Box..


118118 Runner Costume

118118 Runner Costume, White, with Shorts & Top, in Display Bag..


1920s Coco Flapper Costume

1920s Coco Flapper Costume, Pink, Dress, Cigarette Holder, Necklace & Headpiece, in Display Bag..


1920s Fringed Flapper Costume

1920s Fringed Flapper Costume, Black, includes Dress with Lace Front and Beaded Fringing, in Display..


1920s Hat

1920s Hat, Black, with Beads and Flower, on Display Card..


1920s Star Costume

1920s Star Costume, Black, with Jacket, Trousers, Mock Waistcoat and Tie, in Display Bag..


1950s Petticoat

1950s Petticoat, White, Adjustable, in Display Pack..


1960s CND Costume

1960s CND Costume, Multi-Coloured, Dress with Bell Sleeves, in Display Bag..


1960s CND Slack Suit Costume

1960s CND Slack Suit Costume, Pink, with Top and Trousers, in Display Bag..


1960s Groovy Baby

1960s Groovy Baby, Patterned, with Dress and Fringe Waistcoat and Head Scarf, in Display Bag..


1960s Groovy Guy Costume

1960s Groovy Guy Costume, with Shirt and High Waisted Flared Trousers, in Display Bag..


1960s Groovy Lady

1960s Groovy Lady, Brown, with Dress, Printed Waistcoat and Headband, in Display Bag..