Historical Fancy Dress

Historical Fancy Dress
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Achilles Costume

Achilles Costume, Black, Tunic, Belt, Gauntlets and Shin Guards, in Display Bag..


Achilles Shield

Achilles Shield, Brown, 50cm / 20in, with Tag Card..


Anubis the Jackal

Anubis the Jackal, Black & Gold, with Tunic, Collar, Arm Cuffs, Armbands & Mask, in Display Bag..


Arrow Through the Head

Arrow Through the Head, Yellow, with Rubber Tip, in Display Pack..


Authentic Looking Poncho

Authentic Looking Poncho, Blue, in Display Bag..


Authentic Western Gambler Moustache

Authentic Western Gambler Moustache, Brown, Curled Tash and Small Beard, Self-Adhesive, in Display P..


Authentic Western Gunslinger Hat

Authentic Western Gunslinger Hat, Black, Wide Brimmed, on Display Card..


Authentic Western Saloon Girl Costume

Authentic Western Saloon Girl Costume, Green, with Dress and Hair Clip, in Display Bag..


Authentic Western Sexy Senorita Costume

Authentic Western Sexy Senorita Costume, Black & White, with Dress and Sash, in Display Bag..


Authentic Western Town Sweetheart Costume

Authentic Western Town Sweetheart Costume, Red & Black, with Dress and Hat, in Display Bag..


Authentic Western Wandering Gunman Hat

Authentic Western Wandering Gunman Hat, Brown, with Black Rim, on Display Card..