Halloween Fancy Dress

Halloween Fancy Dress
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Blood Drip Wig

Blood Drip Wig, Blonde, with Bunches & Blood Drip Effect, in Display Box..


Blood Skull Mask, Foam Latex

Blood Skull Mask, Red, Foam Latex, Full Overhead, with Separate Moving Jaw, on Display Card..


Blood Smile Mask

Blood Smile Mask, White & Red, on Display Card..


Blood Splatter Gloves

Blood Splatter Gloves, White & Red, Long, in Display Box..


Blood Splatter Skull Mask

Blood Splatter Skull Mask, Silver, Plastic, on Display Card..


Blood Splatter Socks

Blood Splatter Socks, White & Red, Short, in Display Pack..


Blood Stained Screamer Knife

Blood Stained Screamer Knife, Grey, 33cm/13in, on Display Card..


Blooded Chopper

Blooded Chopper, Grey, 74cm, Deluxe, on Display Card..


Bloody Forensic Overall Costume

Bloody Forensic Overall Costume, Red, with Goggles & Jumpsuit, in Display Bag..


Bloody Murderous Twin Costume

Bloody Murderous Twin Costume, Blue, with Dress, Socks & Headband, in Display Bag..


Bloody Nurse Kit

Bloody Nurse Kit, White, with Mask, Headpiece & Eyepatch, Blood Effect, in Display Pack..


Bloody Prom Queen Costume

Bloody Prom Queen Costume, White & Red, with Dress & Wrist Corsage, in Display Bag..


Bloody Prom Queen Kit

Bloody Prom Queen Kit, Multi-Coloured, with Sash, Gloves & Tiara, in Display Pack..


Bloody Surgeon/ Butcher Kit

Bloody Surgeon/ Butcher Kit, Black & Red, with Apron, Gloves & Mask, in Display Bag..


Bright Bones Glow in the Dark Costume

Bright Bones Glow in the Dark Costume, Black, with Dress & LED Lights, in Display Bag..