Cosmetics and Disguises

Cosmetics and Disguises
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Blood Spray

Blood Spray, Red, 59.14ml/2 US fl.oz, on Display Card..


Blossom Wand

Blossom Wand, Pink, Light up, 38cm / 15in, on Display Card..


Bouncing and Stretching Putty

Bouncing and Stretching Putty, Assorted Colours, Neon 12, in Display Box..


Brush Set

Brush Set, White, Pack of 3 styles, in Display Pack..


Bubble Pots

Bubble Pots, Refill for Bubble Gun, includes Blower, 24, in Display Box..


Burglar Eyemask

Burglar Eyemask, Black, Covers Nose, on Display Card..


Burnt Face Scar, Latex

Burnt Face Scar, Latex, Flesh, with Adhesive, on Display Card..


Butterfly 3D Sticker Set

Butterfly 3D Sticker Set, Multi-Coloured, x12 Stickers Included, on Display Card..


Butterfly Bracelet

Butterfly Bracelet, Assorted Colours, in Display Box..


Butterfly Wand

Butterfly Wand, Silver, Light Up, Multi Function, 40cm / 16in, on Display Card..


Carded Guard Costume

Carded Guard Costume, White, with Reversible Tabard, in Display Bag..