Cosmetics and Disguises

Cosmetics and Disguises
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Carded Queen Costume

Carded Queen Costume, Red, with Dress, Crown & Gloves, in Display Bag..


Carnival Eyemask

Carnival Eyemask, Rainbow, with Feathers, on Display Card..


Carnival Greasepaint Crayons

Carnival Greasepaint Crayons, Mixed Colours, 6 Colour Pack, 12 packs in Polybag..


Carnival Greasepaints

Carnival Greasepaints, 6 Assorted, 6 Colours, on Display Card..


Cat Eyemask

Cat Eyemask, Black, with Nose and Whiskers, on Display Card..


Clown Fish Bubble Gun

Clown Fish Bubble Gun, Orange, with Solution, in Display Pack..


Clown Make-Up Kit

Clown Make-Up Kit, includes Facepaint, Nose, Crayons and Sponge, on Display Card..


Colombina Lace Eye Mask, on a Headband

Colombina Lace Eye Mask, on a Headband, Black, with Peacock Feather, Tassels and Flower, with Tag Ca..


Cosmetic Tool Set

Cosmetic Tool Set, with Precision Brush, Sponge & Stipple Sponge, on Display Card..


Cowboy Tash

Cowboy Tash, Black, Self-Adhesive, in Display Pack..


Crawling Spider Tattoo Transfers

Crawling Spider Tattoo Transfers, Black, with X2 Sheets Per Pack, 16 Spiders on Each, on Display Car..


Crayon Make-Up Sticks

Crayon Make-Up Sticks, Multi-Coloured, Retractable, 8 in a Pack, on Display Card..


Crown Wand

Crown Wand, Pink, Light Up and Sound, 22cm / 9in, on Display Card..


Crystal Bubble Wand

Crystal Bubble Wand, Assorted Colours, Light Up, 24, in Display Box..