Historical Fancy Dress

Historical Fancy Dress
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Bootlace Tie

Bootlace Tie, Assorted Styles, 12, in Display Pack..


Bounty Hunter Costume

Bounty Hunter Costume, Black, with Waistcoat & Jacket, in Display Bag..


Bow and Arrow Set

Bow and Arrow Set, Wooden Effect, 73cm / 29in, on Display Card..


Bowler Hat

Bowler Hat, Black, Felt with Black Band, on Display Card..


Brave Scotsman Costume

Brave Scotsman Costume, Blue, Tartan, Top, Kilt with Sash & Leg Ties, in Display Bag..


Caveman Costume

Caveman Costume, Brown, with Tunic, Headband & Armband, in Display Bag..


Caveman's Club

Caveman's Club, Brown, Squeaking, in Display Pack..


Cavewoman Costume

Cavewoman Costume, Brown, Velour, with Dress, Headband and Belt, in Display Bag..


Cavewoman Costume, Black and Brown

Cavewoman Costume, Black and Brown, Brown, Leopard Print, with Tunic, Belt, Head and Armband, in Dis..


Centurion Costume

Centurion Costume, Brown, Robe & Legs, Arms, Wrists & Neck Armour, in Display Bag..


Cleopatra Wig

Cleopatra Wig, Black, Braided with Gold Trim, in Display Box..


Cowboy Bandana

Cowboy Bandana, Red, Western Design, in Display Pack..


Cowboy Costume

Cowboy Costume, Brown, with Waistcoat, Chaps, Scarf & Hat, in Display Bag..


Cowboy Glitter Hat, Stars & Stripes

Cowboy Glitter Hat, Stars & Stripes, Red, Blue & Silver, with Cord, on Display Card..