Historical Fancy Dress

Historical Fancy Dress
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Deluxe Perseus The Gladiator Costume

Deluxe Perseus The Gladiator Costume, Gold, Tunic, Latex Chest Piece, Arm and Leg Cuffs, in Display ..


Deluxe Roman Soldier Costume

Deluxe Roman Soldier Costume, Gold, with Cape, Tunic, Latex Breastplate & Latex Skirt, in Display Ba..


Deluxe Santa Beard Pearl

Deluxe Santa Beard Pearl, Grey, 16.5cm / 6.5in, in Display Pack..


Deluxe Western Authentic Brothel Babe Costume

Deluxe Western Authentic Brothel Babe Costume, Burgundy, with Dress and Corset, in Display Bag..


Egyptian Bracelet

Egyptian Bracelet, Gold, Snake design, on Display Card..


Egyptian Goddess Costume

Egyptian Goddess Costume, Red, with Dress, Wings, Collar & Headpiece, in Display Bag..


Egyptian Goddess Wig

Egyptian Goddess Wig, Black, with Gold Tinsel, in Display Box..


Egyptian Headpiece

Egyptian Headpiece, Gold, with Snake Design, in Display Pack..


Egyptian Kit

Egyptian Kit, Gold, with Collar, Cuffs & Belt, in Display Pack..


Fair Maiden Costume

Fair Maiden Costume, Green, with Dress & Hair Wreath, in Display Bag..


Fringe Cowboy Costume

Fringe Cowboy Costume, Brown, with Waistcoat, Chaps, Neckerchief and Hat..


Garter with small Gun in Holster

Garter with small Gun in Holster, Black, with Lace trim, in Display Pack..


Greek Goddess Wig

Greek Goddess Wig, Blonde, with Curls and Ringlets, in Display Box..


Greek Princess Costume

Greek Princess Costume, Cream, with Dress and Headpiece, in Display Bag..