Historical Fancy Dress

Historical Fancy Dress
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Helen of Troy Costume

Helen of Troy Costume, White & Gold, Dress and Tiara, in Display Bag..


Helen of Troy Wig

Helen of Troy Wig, Brown, with Curls, in Display Box..


High Priestess Costume

High Priestess Costume, Red, with Dress, Belt and Hooded Cape, in Display Bag..


Horus, God of the Sky Costume

Horus, God of the Sky Costume, Brown, with Sublimation Print Tunic, Collar & Mask, in Display Bag..


Huntress Costume

Huntress Costume, with Dress, Hood and Belt, in Display Bag..


Indestructible Cowboy Hat

Indestructible Cowboy Hat, Black, with Band, on Display Card..


Inflatable Caveman Club

Inflatable Caveman Club, Brown, 87cm / 34in, in Display Pack..


Instant Kit Wild West Female

Instant Kit Wild West Female, Brown & White, with Waistcoat, Neck Scarf and Hat, in Display Bag..


Instant Kit Wild West Male

Instant Kit Wild West Male, Brown, with Waistcoat, Neck Scarf and Hat, in Display Bag..


Jewel Of The Nile Costume

Jewel Of The Nile Costume, White, with Dress, Armband and Belt, in Display Bag..


Jewelled King's Crown

Jewelled King's Crown, Gold, in Display Pack..


Jewelled Queen's Crown

Jewelled Queen's Crown, Mixed Colours, Assorted Gold and Silver, in Display Pack..


King Arthur Deluxe Costume

King Arthur Deluxe Costume, Black, with Top, Cape, Gloves, Bootcovers & Crown, in Display Bag..


Knight Costume, Economy

Knight Costume, Economy, White, Top with Attached Cape, Belt & Hood, in Display Bag..


Knights Sword

Knights Sword, Silver, Straight Hilt, 62cm / 24in, on Display Card..